Participant Biography: Oscar Quevedo from Quevedo Port Winery

August 19th, 2008 by Gabriella Opaz · 1 Comment

Oscar QuevedoWhen, where and why did you begin blogging?

We started blogging Sunday, 3rd August 2008, while I was in Barcelona starting my summer vacation!! We started because Catavino emphasized the necessity for us to communicate with the world what we are doing in our winery, vineyards and our lives. At first, we thought this was not so important to sell our wines. But then we said, why not?? We started to write and set up the Quevedo Port Wine blog. And now we have a opened window to the world!

In a few short sentences, summarize your intention with your wine blog.

We want to let people know more about Port, about Douro, and about table wine from Douro. We also want people to learn more about Quevedo, in regards to how we started, who we were and who we are now. And beyond all else, to learn from the people who want to share their knowledge with us.

How would you describe your readers?

Give us a year to get our feet wet, and we’ll get back to you!!!

Is blogging a professional endeavor for you or more of a personal outlet?

For now, I think it professional! However, the more we write, and enjoy the process, the more the our writing becomes personal and meaningful.

What tools or resources have you found to be successful in marketing your blog?

Our greatest tools are to be personal and honest in our content!!!

How would you describe wine blogging to be different than print media?

Faster, much more easy to exchange opinions, various types of content, as well as the ease of integration into a huge network of readers and writers

Do you believe wine blogs have made any marked impact on the wine industry or wine culture?

Probably, not yet.

Where do you see wine blogging in 10 years?

I see blogging as an important tool to market your wines. A lot of important companies will still not have one, while there will be others who will be more successful as result of their blog. Then, there will be companies who will blog but without big gaining any considerable success.

What do you hope to gain from this conference?

Learn more about blogging and wine. And mainly, meet people that have the same passion I have!

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