The Power of the EWBC Network, Let the Debates Begin! – First up Wine Closures!

September 16th, 2008 by Gabriella Opaz · 14 Comments

corkAs we’ve all posted on many of our participants’ blogs, The European Wine Bloggers’ Conference has created a fountain of energy that is slowly building into something greater than simply an annual gathering – although, more events wouldn’t be dissuaded either.

Working beyond cultural limitations, language differences and varying levels of blog knowledge, we have formed a network of bloggers across the world, passionate to create valuable content.

We would now like to begin a series of debates across our sites in order to learn how producers and consumers in different countries feel about major topics affecting us all. This will not only help us explore cultural perspectives that may not have been formally addressed before, but also increase the level of dialogue by engaging everyone from researchers to producers, and from journalists to retailers.

As a first topic, we are interested to know whether you would share your thoughts on the varying types of wine closures available in the market today? Have you seen a change in the way your country approaches the subject, how wineries in your area are dealing with the changes, and how consumers in your area are reacting to their favorite wines – maybe accepting alternative closures or remaining wedded to the traditional cork closure?

If possible, we kindly ask those that wish to participate to post an article between the 22nd and the 26th of September on your site, and then placing a link to this article. Or, if you do not have a blog, please email us your article, and we will happily post it on this site.

This is our very first EWBC network effort, so let’s try and make it a great one together! We look forward to your posts!

Gabriella, Ryan and Robert

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