European Wine Bloggers Conference Live(08/29/2008) 
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thirstforwine -  And ... we're off!

I'm sitting in the conference room with the boys from Vinus TV getting the cameras and lights set up to record tomorrow's discussions. So far so good, although it could be a little dark. Fingers crossed.

At the moment, Ryan is driving to Bilbao to collect the next group of delegates, and Gabriella, ably assisted by the Adegga team, are finalising the tasting event for tonight.

The marathon begins. The excitement is ... palbable (or is that just me?)
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[Comment From Jimmy Pons]
Hi there Hope everyting is ok. I'm afraid imposible to com to La Rioja, send my regards to monica
thirstforwine -  Thanks Jimmy!

Cameras are set, audio levels are ok, menu has been tweaked (making me even more hungry) so time to go back and check on the tasting.
[Comment From Cornell]
Good luck....have fun.....
[Comment From weiguokong]
Hi! Hope chinese wine bloggers are there!
thirstforwine -  Sorry, no Chinese wine bloggers this time. Maybe next year?
[Comment From gianpaolo poggioargentier]
I'm just arrived at the hotel. See you soon.
[Comment From weiguokong]
Hi, thirstforwine! I am strongtiger from china.
thirstforwine -  Hello strongtiger! I thought it might be you. You will need to see if you can make it along to the next event as we'd love to learn more about wine in China.
thirstforwine -  So we are back in the hotel now, having set up the conference room for tomorrow. Glad to see that Alastair & Denise have managed to join me from the UK, plus Jose Eduardo from Portugal and Eugenio from Italy all safely back from being picked up in Bilbao.

Unfortunately for Alastair, his bags were kidnapped by a fellow traveller who decided she liked the look of his bags more than the ones she had brought to the airport, and thus flew them on a trip to Palermo - including his English wine for our tasting! Lucky Palermese!!

So, that hiccup apart, the flight is still a go for lift off in about an hour.
[Comment From LENNDEVOURS]
Hey guys, looking forward to keeping track of the goings on from here in New York.
thirstforwine -  For those who are interested in a few pictures, we have created a new Flickr Group for the photos we take at the conference. You can find the first few here now:
thirstforwine -  For our new commenters, you should know that we cannot simply open up comments so we will have to approve them as they come in. Leave us a note and we promise to read them and post them up as soon as we can.

thirstforwine -  It seems like the wifi coverage in the room is somewhat suspect, so we are having intermittent connection issues, so please bear with us as matters get under way very soon.

So far we already have 46 different wines already lined up and more are on the way

ryan opaz -  testing, am I live?

ryan opaz -  setting up the tasting and people are arriving...looks like a great start so far.

[Comment From smellslikegrape]
Hey, love the flickr pics! Esp. liked the one of Gabriella doing wine inventory--she looks so blissfully happy. :)
ryan opaz -  Just met Doug from Able Grape and Fillipo from Vinix

thirstforwine -  wow! chaos descends as we all try and get our wines out and open, meet loads of people and still get a chance to get our glasses filled.

just as well I come from a country where we learn rugby!
ryan opaz -  wow, this is really cool! so many people and already people talking about blogging...the best part is hearing everyone talking in 4 different languages!

thirstforwine -  so much happening - but no sign of any Rodney Strong wines yet :)
thirstforwine -  OK, the question is where to start? There are some sparkling wines from Italy (Bardolino Chiaretto from Castelnuovo di Garda) or maybe the sherries (Fino La Janda)? Decisions, decisions! I'm certainly going to have to try the Carmela Estates Cabernets (more than 1??) from Canada brought along by David Cray and the Chapel Down rose from Denise Medrano
[Comment From LENNDEVOURS]
How many people are you expecting guys?
thirstforwine -  Thanks Lenn. In total we are expecting around 40 or so tonight and for the conference, plus a few assorted visitors who wan to listen in rather than participate in the blogging discussions. We have a few visitors, like some cork producers from Catalunya who want to learn more about blogging so are coming along or the ride.

So far here I count in the mid 30s
[Comment From Rémy Charest]
Hi to everyone I know (virtually) at the conference. Very exciting to read about it live.
thirstforwine -  Just tasting (live - it is still in my mouth) a wife Gaillac brought by Doug Cook - interestingly appley, almost a cider taste, good acidity but fruit tastes a little overripe. We've got quite a range of wines here!

thirstforwine -  did I say wife? that alcohol on my tongue must be playing havoc with my typing. White, of course
[Comment From Steve De Long]
Salud, Sante, Cheers! and remember to use the spittons, thirstforwine!
ryan opaz -  WOW, great wines, just had a Fino, Sherry while talking to Giampierno...So many and from a ton of different places. What a refreshing look at wine blogging

thirstforwine -  Loving the German Rielsings. Only had two (organic kabinett and spatlase) but reminds me how much I LOVE Riesling. Listening to Doug Cook eulogise over the "quality of the tannins" on his wine
ryan opaz -  >Steve DeLong, Spittoon???

[Comment From LENNDEVOURS]
Oh man, I'm jealous re: those rieslings....and I know NOTHING about sherry. I need an education.
[Comment From Joel]
Congrats you guys (and Gabriella)! Take lots-o-pics and take notes for us in across the pond!
Gabriella Opaz -  Thanks Joel! I finally have a moment to say hello in betwen greeting, chatting and tasting. Almost everyone has arrived, but we still lack our participant from Australia and our port producer Oscar Quevedo from Portugal. Once they arrive in the next 20 minutes, we will begin with our welcome speech
Gabriella Opaz -  Alastair Bathgate did lose his luggage in Italy, sadly, so someone is enjoying some fun British wines right now!
ryan opaz -  About to OFFICIALLY start the conference with a welcome..stay tuned for video
Gabriella Opaz -  About to start the big speech! Assuming that Ryans booming voice can rise above the chattering, clinking and popping of corks
[Comment From zensolo/DJR]
Saludos desde Puerto Rico, congrats to all! Is Vinus managing some live feed?
thirstforwine -  OK, that Ryan CAN TALK! :)

Speech over as people's empty glasses were making the most unusual crying noises, so we took pity on them.

Back to tasting the reds now. Just tasted La Gramiere 2006. Stunning! Great depth of ripe flavour but yet very fresh, and kept me well enertained while Ryan was talking.
[Comment From Joel]
Where's the live video feed?
[Comment From LENNDEVOURS]
Oh man...where was the live video of the speach?!?!?
thirstforwine -  Sorry, guys! Nowhere near enough bandwidth for live video. However, it has been recorded for posterity by Vinus TV and we hope to have that posted up as soon as possible.
[Comment From zensolo/DJR]
Hear, hear! ;)
[Comment From anna- EW]
Don't know if i can bare to follow this....I am sooooo jelaous of you all being in logroño...
[Comment From Wine Biz Radio - Randy]
Dang it, where's the VIDEO of you guys!?!!
thirstforwine -  we're just starting the blind tasting event - a red and white tasting challenge for a bit of fun (ooh we wine bloggers know how to have a party!)

wonder who'll get anything right - they're pretty tough!
thirstforwine -  a bit of an experiment, in the style of 1winedude - but check out :
thirstforwine -  a lil' bit of live video love for you guys

ryan opaz -  WOW< this is seriously an amazing time...I'm talking to so many peoplle about so many subjects...Really fun, and new ideas....wish everyone else was here...

thirstforwine -  ok, some may be watching a brief attempt at live video feed - but you can see it is patchy

I'm now trying some Capatosta - rich and yummy, lots of fruit
[Comment From Anna-Ew]
Could only see someones belly.....but very cool..robert
thirstforwine -  we promise to try and show you only nice bellies
[Comment From winetraveller]
Have a great time guys! wish I was there, I'll make an extra special effort to get to Sonoma in October. Alex
[Comment From derek]
que pasan muy bien pues! ostia!
thirstforwine -  finished the live video feed - hope a few of you had fun!

[Comment From zensolo/DJR]
can't wait a ver lo que logran captar el equpo de Vinus-- again, congratulations, hasta luego
thirstforwine -  Gianpaolo said: bellissima conferenza, con il tono giusto, tanto vino e tra poco...tapas. Da fare anche in Italia, sicuro.
[Comment From Wine Biz Radio - Randy]
Robert, wanted to ask you and Ryan if you're still up for dialing in Sunday evening (your time) to Wine Biz Radio's talkshoe thingy to discuss how the EWBC went
thirstforwine -  Thanks for the opportunity Randy - We are up for ANYTHING right now, but that might be the wine talking!!

We will be doing our best to dial in - let me know the times again just to make sure and we will give you as much juicy gossip as we can
thirstforwine -  OK, we're off to dinner after several hours tasting. Back later!!
[Comment From Kathy]
It "sounds" so exciting! So we were to be there and got last-minute assignments dou Monday. Everyone is missing what they call the best-heart healthy wine in the world-tannat. We bought them for the tasting, guess we will be even more heart-healthy here in vin de pays de Gasgogne (Gers, France).
[Comment From Kathy]
One more thing, thank you SO MUCH, Gabrielle, Ryan, and everyone I expected to meet. (sorry about typo in previous post "due Monday"). All of you there who answered the "call": bon continuation! p.s. Wines we were to bring were from Producteurs Plaimont, an interesting range from the land of Armagnac and d'Artagnon. Stop by on your way home!
[Comment From La Casa de Antociano]
Lastima que no pueda estar presente pero estamos en alma con Uds.
[Comment From Anna EW]
Guys, i just noticed that your link on this page to our blog is wrong. Could you please change it? Thanks, appreciate it
thirstforwine -  Well, it was a long night, but we had lots of fun and LOTS of great food. Thank you SO MUCH to La Rioja Turismo that have put together the dinners and given us tons of information on Rioja.

This really is a great place to visit, a point we proved after dinner at Lorenzo's restaurant (where we had some excellent jamon, morcilla, croquetas and more), when we walked around town to see the sights, check out the tapas culture and generally relax in the street bars. I'm sure you'll be reading lots of bloggers views on this place in the next few days and weeks, but come and check it out for yourselves.

The event kicks off again at 9am tomorrow when we get the bus to the conference centre. Hopefully we will all have got some sleep before that happens, but you never know. LOTS of great pictures to be uploaded from tonight, so as soon as I can steal some bandwidth they'll go up.

Goodnight and check back in tomorrow

[Comment From La Casa de Antociano]
Lastima que no podamos estar con Uds. los acompañamos en espiritu, aqui coloque un anuncio del arranque. Que todo salga excelente.
[Comment From La Casa de Antociano]
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Gabriella Opaz -  Wow, another day begins. Last night we all got to know each other and enjoy wines from all over the planet, and today we'll be talking about Points/Writing and Advertising. First though some coffee and breakfast! Then over to Dinastia Vivanco!

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thirstforwine -  Coffee is GOOD! Coffee is my friend!

Sitting in the cafe desperately typing up a couple of simple slides for the session on monetising wine blogs while I wait for the bus to arrive. I wonder what people will think of this.

Had a great evening and managed to sleep well enough without dreaming of wine blogging or anything too stressful.

Looking forward to today.
thirstforwine -  This is pretty cool. Live Blogging from the bus on the way to Dinastia Vivanco.

I'm watching the Cantabrian Mountains look very pretty right now, without the heat haze we'll get later. The vineyards are looking pretty lush - it has been a pretty wet and cool year so far in Rioja but the sun over the last couple of weeks, particularly in the last few days, is helping to move things along.

I bumped into an old man walking through the vineyards the other day who had just done some late green harvesting on his vines. He said it looked like the vintage was rather behind this year which could be good for freshness, but we just have to hope the good weather holds. Vintage around this part of Rioja Alta is already October, so any further delays can mean things get rather wet and messy.

I'll try and upload a picture later.
[Comment From Wink]
Have an excellent, interesting day ... sorry won't be back because I shall be out all day researching wine shop, hotels and a restaurant for lunch in Annecy for a new wine travel guide. I am sure Rioja will treat you well. Happy blogging!
thirstforwine -  Santiago Vivanco has welcomed everyone to the Dinastia Vivanco museum and we're all feeling energetic and ready to get going. A few are admitting to slight hangovers but there are another 40 liars in the room!

thirstforwine -  Ryan, Andre from Adegga, and Amy from La Gramiere take to the stage and we're off talking about points and rating scales.

I'm getting the feeling Ryan is NOT a fan!
thirstforwine -  "Can we move past points?" "We are a NEW media, so why do we adopt this concept from the old media?" There are some questions to ponder from Ryan
thirstforwine -  a little technical hitch getting Andre's presentation up so Amy takes the reigns

"points are more important for larger producers" in her view, so promotion and personality of the wine comes from the blog, not from the points by critics
thirstforwine -  Question from Ricard: if small wineries get huge scores, they don't even need to bother comunicating

Answer: it is a matter of building a personality rather than just sales
thirstforwine -  Amy: but does it matter whether Amy Lillard gives a wine 95 points on her blog, does that make any difference?
thirstforwine -  Tom Perry points out (!) the benefit of points not from a consumer sales point of view but in gaining distribution - it is a useful tool for wineries

but is this the job of wine bloggers? It is interesting that the more "useful" we are, the more wineries and distributors will take note of us. Are points a blog marketing tool?
thirstforwine -  Andre presents the thinking behind Adegga point gathering system; users apparently worry about publishing their tasting notes as they worry it isn't "professional enough" (I can understand that), so they allow these to be invisible

[Comment From Justin]
I'd be interested to know if points lead to increased demand?
thirstforwine -  Thomas Lippert points out that anonymous ratings are useless, particularly to him as a producer, as you have no idea whether they know anything about the wine when they rate it.

Adegga tries to get around that by making the site "social" so you can see who has a following and therefore has 'credentials'

I still think there is value in finding out what the "average drinker" thought of my wines, but it does open up the opportunity for people to slate wines without understanding what they are doing
thirstforwine -  Points are a database solution if nothing else - ratings are for sorting wines, for finding them, for extracting them from longer lists

so they do have a place for online solutions
thirstforwine -  Gianpaolo from Poggioargentiera wants to say that reviews are about the conversation about the wine - and that helps real people remember real stories, but can see the role of points for organisation

"Robert Parker does not add to the story" of a wine
thirstforwine -  Gianpaolo: Way to measure the impact of wine reviews: how about offering tag clouds around a wine or producer using key terms of ratings and reviews
[Comment From Justin]
I didn't think ratings and wine blogs paired well, but now I'm not sure. I'm starting to think points might have their place in some situations.
thirstforwine -  Oh my goodness! We are converting people to using points in this forum?

thirstforwine -  question by david cray - it seems that this information is limited to this circle, so why isn't this blogging/rating info being made more accessible for the consumer
thirstforwine -  Can a computer be placed in retail stores for consumers, or what about WiFI access as everyone has internet access through phones, blackberries, etc?
thirstforwine -  Giampiero - doesn't believe in ratings because he is a wine lover and a wine lover, and when he goes to a winery, he starts his visit in the vineyard to see the story. So he summarizes the story, one that it is very complex to something that is tangible and understandable. But points don't say the story. Some points are fair and some are not fair. In regards to the 89 point blog, this is very interesting. By the end of the day, a wine needs to be judged by a series of practices, methods, etc, not by simply ratings. Bloggers must be different, he says we are different. He says we speak to the consumer and the producer. So we must summarize our opinions. Allow me to make a proposal, we will touch professional and economic interest, so we need science behind these rules. Hence, let's talk about hedonistic scores. It relates to taste and smells without imposing a vague and unscientific score. Hedonistic he says are more neutral. He wants to try and develop a standard through hedonistic scores. We can compare our scores with Robert Parker, to see what he judges for oak, acidity, etc.
thirstforwine -  why do bloggers want a standard way of rating? This was a question just asked before lunch.
ryan opaz -  Ok, about to start Roundtable 2, all about wine writing traditional/blogging differences, simularities.

ryan opaz -  Ok, about to start Roundtable 2, all about wine writing traditional/blogging differences, simularities.

ryan opaz -  How can wine bloggers better engage their readers? There has been much debate as to how wine bloggers can better reach out and touch their audiences; however, it seems that many of us are still flailing in the wind wondering if we??re actually being effective. From winery profiles to tasting notes, it??s hard to know exactly what our readers are craving, and if we??re filling their bellies with nourishing information that is both dynamic and pertinent. Questions come to mind as to whether we are simply regurgitating information, or are we digging deep with some solid investigative reporting? Are wine bloggers prone to pontificate, rather than approaching issues with a light hearted and comical nature? Are we interacting with our readers, or are we simply talking at them? Do we get stuck on issues such as cork taint and modern versus traditional winemaking, as opposed to branching out and looking at subjects not in the mainstream media? Is it worth our time to integrate more alternative approaches to wine blogging such as video, podcasting, photography, illustration, poetry and/or surveys? And finally, do wine bloggers all need degrees in journalism or a masters in wine to gain the respect and trust of their readers, or is personal experience coupled with good interactive content the key to your audience??s heart? Clearly this is not an easy topic, but my sense is that we all tend to get stuck in a rut, using the same format, style and subject of information, not because it
[Comment From Steve De Long]
I have a Spanish related ratings question. Why has the Penin guide not rated a wine 100 points?
[Comment From Steve De Long]
Ratings are a helpful shorthand esp. if you're looking over your notes on many, many wines. The can be as simple as will you buy it again? yay or nay.
[Comment From Justin]
Catavino rendering for Windows Mobile. Would be good...
thirstforwine -  OK, we're back for session 2. Hopefully you saw the twitpic of the coffee session. Jealous?

thirstforwine -  Hello everyone!! Yup, that's me typing away in the back

thirstforwine -  Ryan and Giampiero kick off with a discussion on why bloggers are "different" - of course we are!

[Comment From gianpaolo poggioargentier]
it's not about points, it's about conversation.
thirstforwine -  "The wine business is not transparent" - there is a great lack of information on wines and producers, more than any other food product.

It is our job to "engage our intellectual abilitites" to helping others to learn more about wine, and we MUST innovate in this because past models have not been succesful, we know that traditional sources of information are too limited.

We must engage the full armoury of new technology; video, audio, database, and more.

"We must transform this business. The wine business will never be the same"
thirstforwine -  If we are to use these new tools, we will need to develop our skils and competences too!
Justin -  Speaking to people in the coffee break. I didn't realize how much points drive sales the States....
thirstforwine -  Ryan - we are different because we have the ability to give immediate access to information. We can use video and other tools to get the word out as it happens at conference, visits to wineries, tastings at home, etc.

Traditional media may be more measured, but it wil be dated information to some extent
[Comment From ablegrape]
I agree with Giampiero. I was about to add that I think with the potential of blogging as a new medium comes a responsibility for a certain level of quality, but that's what Giampiero just added; though he was focused on video, I think the same is true of the textual content as well.
thirstforwine -  Immediacy is often used as a tool to bash bloggers because we have not checked data or facts, we are only posting thoughts and opinions.

However, we also have the ability, and the duty, to keep things updated, to correct information, to let people know when we have received new information.

Blog readers are part of the editorial processes as well. It is a community event
thirstforwine -  David Cray - there is a loss of the distinction between reader and author. This is now part of a continuum
Justin -  The traditional media also get it wrong sometimes. The turn around on the correction or apology will take as long as the next edition takes. I think we're ahead in this respect.
thirstforwine -  Blogging, and the feedback it offers, puts a lot of pressure on journalists to improve their game too

... but this is true of wine brands, distributors, etc.

The immediacy and democratisation of feedback and criticism is really changing the nature of communication
thirstforwine -  Giampiero - our role is to be the consumers' advocates; the mission we must have is to provide information to those who ultimately buy the wine. They are the most important person in the process and they are the ones who most lack information

[Comment From gianpaolo poggioargentier]
it IS a community event, yes, which is made up of lots of conversations, people chatting round a virtual cup of coffee (or glass of wine). When you don't talk in an open, honest, entertaining/engaging and informed way, the other person will make his excuses and leave.
thirstforwine -  In the breaks, check out the photos on flickr:
thirstforwine -  Thomas Lippert - blogs allow me to present the view of a winery that would never otherwise be published - part of debates they are not usually included in. That is something which is only possible through new medium and would not be approved by editors of traditional magazines
thirstforwine -  Ryan: it is important to separate out "Winery" Blogger from a "Wine" Blogger

Winery bloggers have to acknowledge that there are other wines out there. Even winemakers have to drink other wines. Like musicians who talk about their influences, and who they listen to.

If you want a conversation with consumers, you need to be open and real
thirstforwine -  A proposal:

Each winery blogger present should exchange wines and talk about their views of the others' wines.

Nods of approval all around
Justin -  Stormhoek did something like this, sending cases to wine bloggers.
thirstforwine -  In order to build the trust we need to have from consumers, we must cover positive AND negative; if the blogger (wine makers or bloggers) is prepared to open up about bad things, then we know that they are more likely to be trustworthy when discussing positive views
[Comment From justine, poggioargentiera]
Stormhoek did groundbreaking stuff talking to their consumers using, as an instance, samples to try...they created such news around themselves that Tesco stocked them, and uh-oh, they were suddenly talking a whole lot more to Tesco than to their consumers. Tesco has now dumped them, after they ramped up production etc on the back of that relationship. Beware losing the conversational plot....
Justin -  It's a pity Stormhoek didn't stick with the groundbreaking stuff. I suspect talking to Tesco is always a dangerous thing...
thirstforwine -  Doug Cook from ABleGrape: With the explosion of "voices" on wine, it is important that bloggers take responsibility for the quality and accuracy of their content

Although we are talking about the possibility of correcting posts as istakes are noticed, however, that error could now have been indexed by other sites, or copie and redistributed, so we still must ensure we are doing the best we can right from the start

AbleGrape does try to filter out sites and blogs that are not adding to the conversation or are not trustworthy, but this is still at a top level and there is a lot of stuff out there that is not helping the cause
thirstforwine -  mistakes like spelling the word "istakes"

thirstforwine -  Blog writing:

accuracy, humour, "vicarious experience", a proper voice and personality
thirstforwine -  session 2 over, time for another short break - back in 15 minutes
emidio -  And we're back!

emidio -  And we're back!

emidio -  Monetisation of wine blogs

emidio -  Robert is gearing up with his fancy disco shirt
emidio -  all the videos will be put up online, they will also be put on our sites where we can use our original language
emidio -  Robert is going to run through the basics of his presentation, emphasizing a way of looking at blogging which will hopefully give us a hope of monetizing it
Gabriella -  if you want to sell more wine as a wine blogger, there are ways to do it
Gabriella -  Robert has identified 3 models: micro publisher, micro retailer, micro consultant
Gabriella -  thanks pinot blogger for helping his develop this
Gabriella -  This isn't about the integrity of the journalist to make money, its the brand that sells magazines
Gabriella -  if you are a micropublisher what can you sell: you can sell content (syndicat articles, charge for access)- but he doesn't recommend this
Gabriella -  there is advertizing you could sell
Gabriella -  then there are eyeballs - but this is tough in wineblogging
Gabriella -  If you're not selling content, and not eyeballs, you can be a micro retailer - but you need to sell something
Gabriella -  We don't sell our wine reviews if we are a journalists, but we are not all journalists
Gabriella -  Example-Domaine 547. She writes about other wines, her own wines, but we trust her because of her blogging
Gabriella -  A micro consultant sells- expertise: such as Gaping Void
Gabriella -  you blog about interesting ideas and marketing tools, and then, you get outside agencies hire you to help them build their brand as a result of the way you built up your brand
13:21[Ad]Dinastia Vivanco View
Gabriella -  if you want to sell eyeballs, you need a high reach but low authority
Gabriella -  But you want ot be a journalist, you need high authority and high reach to be successful
Gabriella -  The most important first step for us to make money is for us to collaborate, because there is strength, and information, in numbers
Gabriella -  Ryan comments - let's not forget snooth, where you can link to a wine on snooth and make a few cents - that's one way to make money. Adegga is considering doing a similar program
Gabriella -  the content we put on our blog needs to be based on our goal. Therefore, if your goal is to be getting advertizing, your content needs to be based on increasing traffice
Gabriella -  but if your goal is to sell your wine, like a winery blog, your content has a different goal, and your content needs to be based on that
Gabriella -  if we collaborate, however, as a large group, we can help support one another as an advertizing network
13:28[Ad]Raimat View
Gabriella -  Filipo agreed with robert's model, but doesn't believe that we have to choose only one model. Why can't we mix the three models: micro publisher, micro retailer, micro consultant
Gabriella -  He thinks google adsense is the worst way to make money if you're a micropublisher
Gabriella -  Vinoclic, filipo's advertizing network, fixes the price before the advertizer enters the network. They establish a minimum price at 5 euros CPM, while google is 1 euro to 1.50 euro. Second difference between google adsense and vinoclic, is that the advertizer can choose where to place their advertizment.
Gabriella -  Not everyone can earn money in the internet, says filipo
Gabriella -  if you want to earn money as a micro publisher, it takes the time, a lot of time to ensure you have both quality and quanity
Gabriella -  Filip doesn't think that affiliate programs work well, because you can't earn money, unless it is a niche system
13:37[Ad]La Rioja Turismo View
Gabriella -  Important, filipo says, is to create a group! One cannot do it alone as a blogger, you need to collaborate to make money
Gabriella -  To the audience: what do we think about working together as a part of a group and network?
Gabriella -  Emilio: as a winery blogger, I think its a very interesting idea, and would be willing to discuss the possibilities
Gabriella -  difficult question: how would winery blogs participate in a group network, as their website is their advertizment
Gabriella -  Thomas Lippert: If we make a good network, all the blogs MUST be at the same level with the same ethics and quantity, or else this will not work!
Gabriella -  Thomas Lippert: If we make a good network, all the blogs MUST be at the same level with the same ethics and quantity, or else this will not work!
Gabriella -  doug: the question of a potential network and how advertizment should take place. The discussion between reach versus authority debatable in a network. Reach clearly increases with a network, but not necessarily with authority. WOuld a network average the authority. Maybe it brings down the authority of a great blog and increases those of a lesser blog. What is the affect of authority, and how do we decide which blogs should be included? Can you draw conclusions based on who is a part of the network?
Gabriella -  Ryan: the issue of authority comes over time. Therefore, you can't exclude people with bad info because maybe they are learning and increase in their knowledge. The bigger question therefore is more, who are our readers? We dont' have that information?
Gabriella -  Robert: We dont' have an answer. We are just searching for ways to work together successfully and help ourselves make money through collaboration
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Gabriella -  Why can't we look at tourism to be part of the network, wine accessories, etc.? Who are my readers? And they want to learn about restaurants, flights, hotels, etc, therefore advertizments may need to include more than just wine?
Gabriella -  is it okay for bloggers to take money from a winery to advertize? people are questionning
Gabriella -  Eugenio: a network would give us exposure
Gabriella -  Robert: we have already created a network this weekend. If we looks at the USA bloggers, they are light years ahead of us in how they are networking and linking to one another. We are not, because of language and distances. Although we are wine bloggers, we work in small bubbles. He doesn't read about CA bloggers because he can't get the wine. But now that we are here, together, we can create a network together today.
Gabriella -  Ryan; Scott Rafer is part of an advertizing network called Lookery that is trying to get demographic information on our blogs. They want to create groups and study the demographics, purely for demographic sake. The first group Lookery has offered is this network. They want us to be the model, then the info will be open for everyone to use. We can go into the network and read the stats of average age, locations, etc. After enough information is gathered, Lookery will propose advertizing, maybe in 2 years time. These advertizements may include, cars, glasses, etc. depended on the demographics. We need demographics, because we are small. And then people can go off and get us advertizements that are directly related to us.
Gabriella -  by network - they are referring to wine bloggers on
Gabriella -  correction!
Gabriella -  The winery needs to be open with their importers, and importers need to be part of the conversation!
Gabriella -  off to lunch!! Mmmmm fabulous food at the Dinastia Vivanco restaurant now! Super hungry. We'll be back soon :-)
Gabriella -  Ok short break for Ryan while the rest of the crowd browses the Museum at Vivanco and then tastes monovarietals from barrel. Lot's of great wine. Before i head to set up tonights big tasting and dinner I will try to get some photos uploaded. Cheers, Ryan

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ryan opaz -  Heading to the dinner locale to double decant some wines that really need it!

thirstforwine -  back to live blogging on the bus.

Just had 30 people sing happy birthday to Emidio in around 7 languages. Quite an experience and one my ears are still to recover from.

We had to rush through so much of the visit as there was so much to see and taste, so it is always a shame that we cannot spend as much time as we'd really like.

Oh well, maybe we can arrange a return trip.
Justin -  Fantastic conference. Well done Opaz Co and Robert. Lunch at Dinastia Vivanco restaurant excellent. We had five wines there. White, Rose, Crianza, Reserva and the 4 Varietal. Followed by museum tour. Worth a trip to Vivanco just to see the museum. Shown around the winery by Rafa Vivanco. Ended with a mono varietal tasting. 2 Garnachas, Mazuelo, Tempranillo and 2 Gracianos. One pre malolactic. Very interesting. Looking fwd to the keynote tonight where we will try 30 odd of the best Iberia has to offer.
Justin -  Conference providing me with a lot of food for thought. I think it's going to spark a lot of activity in the coming months...
[Comment From Wine Biz Radio - Randy]
Wow, guys, excellent content just in this chat log. Given that some of the discussion hits on parts of the wine blog firestorm still smoldering over here in the U.S., I'd REALLY love to have you guys (one or all three) dial into Wine Biz Radio at 8AM Pacific (4PM GMT) on Talkshoe:
ryan opaz -  Wrap up coming the conference (planned activities) is over and was a bigger success than I, or I think anyone else imagined...stay tuned for more, after my nap! :)